Reds of the World 2 – Amine – Casablanca, Morocco

You asked for it, you got it! ROTW is back – with new questions, new friends, and some old ones, too. If you’d like to get involved, DM me @kframpton and we’ll see what we can do.

We’re off to North Africa this time on Reds of the World, with a stop in Casablanca – Morocco’s largest city.

Our new friend Amine is going to tell us about his love for the club and his efforts to get MUSC Morocco off the ground.

So let’s get going, there’s some great photos ahead and some stories to go with them!

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Amine Mouti from Casablanca, 27 years old with a Master Degree in Finance. I run a family business which is a car spares company and I am also a co-founder and current president of Manchester United Supporters’ Club in Morocco (@MUSCMorocco).

Before becoming a Man United fan I’ve been a fan of football since 1997 when I was very young. At first, I only supported my local team, which I still support to this day. I wasn’t a fan of any European team until 2001 – I was switching between channels on the weekend looking for a football game and I came to find Man United playing Arsenal at Highbury. I loved the way Manchester United were playing and were fighting to score and comeback in the game. It was love at first sight.

Which current squad member’s game reflects the way that you play football [or would if you did?].

Definitely Ander Herrera. He plays with so much passion, you can see how much he loves the team and how much he values the shirt on his shoulders – he is such a Braveheart.


Who is one past player that you’ve never seen play that you’d like to have seen?

Without a doubt, if there was a time machine I would pay money to travel back to 1954 and watch the great Duncan Edwards.

What is your favourite MUFC match?

It’s hard to pick, Man United has given me so many favorite moments, and watching MUFC playing is my favorite thing, but I would go with the 2008 UEFA CL Final.

What is the MUFC shirt that you like the most?

I like them all, just put a Man United logo on a red shirt and I will be happy to buy it. It’s the logo and the colors of the team that matters for me.


What is something unique about watching the match in your country or with your mates from the local supporters’ club?

In Morocco, most people prefer the Spanish league because of our geographic position and the media coverage.

It is such a joy to find people who support the same team as you and share the same passion and love – the unique thing about us is that we are so different from the majority. We are so special and lucky because we support MUFC, the most popular football team on our planet and we are proud of that, even if we are a minority in this country.

Do you run into supporters of other clubs? Which ones are popular?

Yes, we do. We have played in football tournaments against many of them. Supporters of Italian clubs, English clubs, but the most popular ones are the two big Spanish teams.

What are your thoughts on the manager and the new signings?

Jose Mourinho is one of my favorite football figures. To be honest, I wanted him to be SAF’s successor – but this didn’t happen back in 2013. But three years later my dream came true – if only they have heard me from the beginning (kidding)!

For me as a person who dreams of becoming a football manager in the future, I have always watched him, trying to learn from his tactics and his vision in the field, how he can analyse the game and the opponent, and I believe he is the right man for this job at MUFC, the captain of the ship.

For the new signings, I see he went and strengthened the positions which we suffered from in the past 2-3 seasons. We needed a striker and he brought Zlatan, who will help the attack and the young strikers with his experience. He signed Mkhitaryan because we need creativity and solutions, someone who can get the ball to the strikers.

Eric Bailly our best signing so far based on the number of Man of the Match awards he’s won, a very young and strong defender that has all the future ahead of him to shine. And at last Pogba – the return of the son to his house. What I love about him is how he can win the aerial duels and get possession of the ball.

Will MUFC win a trophy this season? If yes, which one[s]?

I hope so, the competition is really tough this year with so many teams trying to win titles. With a winner like Mourinho, we can win the Premier League if we really fight hard for it. So let’s just BELIEVE, it’s our Legacy from Matt Busby down to Sir Alex Ferguson.

Who do you think will be our biggest obstacle to winning it all this season?

I always believe that your worst enemy and worst opponent is yourself. In football there are no enemies, there are obstacles and the biggest one is MUFC itself. If we want to do it we will do it and no one can stop us. The team needs to work hard, impose their playing system and results will come.

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