Reds of the World 2 – Wissam – Baghdad, Iraq

You asked for it, you got it! ROTW is back – with new questions, new friends, and some old ones, too. If you’d like to get involved, DM me @kframpton and we’ll see what we can do.

The number one ranked ROTW feature from last season was from our friends at @MUSCIRAQ, so it only made sense that we start the new season with an update from Baghdad. We’ve posed our questions to a different supporter – Dr. Wissam Al-Akeedy – so let’s hear what the good doctor said.

Who are you and where are you from? 

Respectfully let me introduce myself; I am Dr.Wissam Kh. Al-Akeedy a medical doctor specialized in internal medicine. I was born in Baghdad in 1970.

I became a fan of Manchester United in 1989 and have been a member of MUSC Iraq since its establishment. My daughter Dalia is 15 years old and my son Ahmed is 8, they are following in my footsteps and became MUFC supporters, too. Let me say we are a family with the MUFC logo on our door.

Which current squad member’s game reflects the way that you play football [or would if you did?].

Eric Cantona, Roy Keane, and Jaap Stam are the players who would be the legends to play like.


Who is one past player that you’ve never seen play that you’d like to have seen?

The King Cantona.

What is your favourite MUFC match?

I prefer The 1999 UEFA Champions League Final vs Bayern Munich, the 2008 UEFA Champions League Final vs Chelsea and 2009 vs Manchester City.

Terry slip

What is the MUFC shirt that you like the most?

I like them all and that is the truth – but I slightly prefer 1999 & 2013 shirts.

What is something unique about watching the match in your country or with your mates from the local supporters’ club?

Watching Manchester United anywhere in the world is a source of happiness and enjoyment – but in a country like Iraq, I believe it’s something hugely different as it could be the only source of happiness.


I can tell you many stories about me and my friends in the club and how we smile, jump and dance during MUFC games. How we dream to attend games at Old Trafford, or how it would feel if we meet face to face with Sir Alex Ferguson or Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes or Wayne Rooney.

We are not like others; in Iraq, we live with death all around us but our dreams will not die.  That’s why we hope our voices reach Manchester United players and let them realize that for your Iraqi fans it’s not just football – for us, its happiness and a beautiful dream, so do your best and win.


Do you run into supporters of other clubs? Which ones are popular?

I might watch other clubs at home when United are not playing , but I could not support them. My heart is not able to love two clubs, it’s just one love – Manchester United.

What are your thoughts on the manager and the new signings?

Jose Mourinho is a brilliant manager and what he achieved with other clubs is the proof. That’s why we trust him and hope he will not need a long time to win trophies. Also, we like the new signings – especially Eric Bailly – but I would have preferred to sign a young forward like Antoine Griezmann or Paulo Dybala. Even so, what Mourinho did was very good.

Will MUFC win a trophy this season? If yes, which one[s]?

Winning the Premier League alone would be an excellent achievement for Mourinho in his first season, but winning the Europa League and FA Cup will be very good also.

Who do you think will be our biggest obstacle to winning it all this season?

Harmony between players is the main obstacle, but injuries & referees may also be a big problem.

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