It’s no coincidence that my last blog post of significant meaning was written on Boxing Day. The loss to Stoke City crystallized what I had felt for some time – that our club was adrift with very little chance of rescue.

As a casual writer, but full-time observer of Manchester United I prefer to write positive things. I’ve written about our glorious history, about our fantastic support in every part of the globe and about the players that are lucky enough to pull on the most famous red shirt of all.

Somehow, since that 2-0 loss at the Britannia to former United great Mark Hughes, Louis van Gaal has cobbled together a few good results. We’ve won three, drawn two and lost one in that span.

And yet, I feel nothing positive about it.

The football is dire, the players shackled by fear and the supporters have now mostly turned on the Dutchman.

But worse than all of those things is the fact that the identity of our club is slipping away.

I’ve laid out my ideas as to what needs doing here: “Five meetings I would have tomorrow at MUFC” – and it’s still the most-read piece ever written for this blog.

Changing the manager may now seem inevitable to most of us, but I’m not sure that it’s that clear to Ed Woodward and the rest of the Old Trafford power brokers.

With Jose Mourinho the only immediately available candidate with anything like the required credentials [eight league titles, two Champions League wins and a world-class ego] and a clear reluctance by some to hire him, things are at a stalemate.

And no, Ryan Giggs is not the answer either once we take off our red-tinted specs.

Much has been made of the alleged existence [since denied] of the Portuguese’s six-page manifesto for how to fix United. If he does have one, or chooses to write one I’d suggest that he’s the only one in possession of such a well-needed document.

The football side of the club is a shambles. A director of football with MUFC roots is badly needed. We can’t scout, can’t recruit, can’t coach up our young talent [or our experienced players, either], we can’t hire someone to run the academy and I’ve already mentioned the loss of identity on the pitch.


Finally, while we’re on the topic of disgrace… some of you need to check yourselves.

Some of the comments I’ve seen on my Twitter timeline are nothing short of sociopathic.

Wishing ill health or various forms of death on any of the principals involved in this ongoing drama is not clever, not ‘banter’ and will not win you 50 coveted ‘Top Red’ points.

It is disturbing, beyond the pale and in some cases, criminal.

Purveyors of such filth will be met without prejudice by my new #chatshitgetblocked campaign. I know you don’t care, or likely won’t even know – but I, for one won’t give you a forum for your ridiculous bile.

In the meantime, let’s hope we see some action in the boardroom. Soon, it may be too late…

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