Thanks for making 2015 great!

I had no expectations for this blog when the season started up in July.

Having written for a few other MUFC fansites, I knew what I didn’t want – and that was to re-write news, transfer rumours and match reports. There are literally hundreds of places to find this on the web and I don’t think many of them are all that different from each other.

I’m not saying that these sites aren’t great or popular, just that I wanted to write my own things and to interact more directly with the folks that were reading my writing.

To say that the response has been flattering is to understate it. Traffic has grown each month and the blog has been read in 108 countries. This is in no small part due to the exclusive Reds of the World series – with 15 profiles completed to date.

My following on Twitter has also really taken off and I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to comment or to praise the writing. I hope you’ll keep coming back.

So Happy New Year to you, let’s hope there’ll be some silverware in 2016 for Manchester United and peace and prosperity for all!

Top three Opinion pieces

Lingard loans

The Slow, Steady Rise of Jesse Lingard


The Curious Case of Ander Herrera

Even better at night.

Five Meetings I Would Have Tomorrow at MUFC

Top five countries reading the blog

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. Canada
  4. India
  5. Iraq

Top three Reds of the World pieces


Monish Menon – Hyderabad, India


Syed Muhammad Owais – Peshawar, Pakistan

الشعار النهائي لنادي المشجعين 2

Alaa Saadi Thamer – Baghdad, Iraq

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