Derby day disappointment – United on top, Rooney flops

The chance to turn Manchester red was squandered as the “philosophy” once again left points behind that were surely there for the taking.

At home, comfortable in possession and with City’s two biggest attacking threats sat in the stands – this was a chance to not only secure bragging rights, but to deliver a blow to a title rival.

After 90 mostly flaccid minutes, United had done neither. Only Chris ‘Mike’ Smalling and Jesse Lingard came close on yet another occasion where having the ball all the time did not translate into actually doing anything with it.

City were happy to swarm our one true danger man – Anthony Martial – while leaving Wayne Rooney to do whatever it is he’s been doing lately.

As for the captain, I’m no longer capable of criticizing his shitty first touch and aimless Hollywood balls. Let alone his complete inability to score a meaningful goal while pulling in almost £300k a week.

No. This is all on the manager now.

Louis van Gaal has been afraid of almost nothing during his reign. He has changed training methods, playing style and been absolutely ruthless in trimming this team of a vast collection of players that did not perform. He is not afraid of the media, gives the kids a chance and is very much his own man.

So why the fuck won’t he drop the human boat anchor that is Wayne Rooney!?

One can only speculate. It’s one thing to be loyal to your skipper. But look at how decisively the Dutchman dismissed another captain – Robin van Persie – when he was done with him. I’m not saying he should sell Wayne Rooney. But sit him down. Send him to the stand so he can see how hard the rest of this team is working and how close they are to some success again. Maybe sit him next to someone who makes £280k in ten years while you’re at it…

This is not a good result. I’m not satisfied with a point. We had a major rival on the ropes and didn’t even try to finish them off. It’s nowhere near good enough and Van Gaal is out of excuses for me.

It’s time, Louis. Hand the armband to Smalling and give Wazza a rest. There are trophies to be won this season, and we won’t be winning any with ten men on the pitch all the time.


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