New Stranger Things Season Two trailer revealed at SDCC!


TV has been spoiling us these past few years, and Netflix is really starting to punch their weight. I’ve enjoyed many of their programs [such as House of Cards and Master of None] but nothing has resonated with me quite like Stranger Things.

The creators have dropped a new trailer as SDCC, and it is spectacular. If you love this show as much for the cultural hat tips and nostalgia as you do for the creepy goings-on in Hawkins, it looks like we’re in for another wild ride. In case you haven’t seen it catch the video here:

Full disclosure – I was in middle school during the early eighties era the show depicts, and I suppose I would have fit in well with Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will. The music, the movies, the ‘fashion’ all hit close to home for me. And yes, I tried my hand at more than a few games of D&D!

So enjoy the trailer and block some time for a binge watch of nine fresh episodes in late October.

Can’t wait!

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